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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things, I am most tahkful for

Sometimes it’s just best if we sit down, relax, and think about what life has given us. Reflect on the good fortunes that have made themselves present on the path we walk, and appreciate those individuals who have made a mark on our lives for the better. Although the world is littered with people who cannot easily see why they should be thankful for one thing, the sad fact is that this type of individual may not have enough time in the day to stop and reflect upon what they have, and how much they should value their own life. Sometimes, they don’t have enough love and affection in their heart because they haven’t had that same affection shown to them. So, for this New Year's season, I want us to sit down, reflect on what makes our lives important, happy, and worthwhile, and share with others what makes our lives so special. Regardless of the trials and troubles we face, the positive influences must outshine the negative ones.
I will reveal the items, amenities, people, or pets that have made a dramatic influence on my life, and why I love/need them so much.
Living in home, no matter how large, or small, is better than having none at all.
It frightens me to even think of the possibility that I could be a homeless person. If fire has ever destroyed your home, then you know exactly what I am talking about. While I’ve never been unlucky enough to have my home destroyed by fire, I know friends who have, and the sense of loss is tremendous. Other people can simply be homeless because they choose to live this way, and avoid paying bills. Warm heating in the winter, than be forced to cope with mother nature’s frequent brutal weather. I’m very thankful for my home.
I’ve never had any serious illness or disease that I know of. Although sickness and disease has made itself known in my family and in the lives of many of my friends, I am very thankful to be healthy and living without pain. My father has an Asthma, depend on oxygen. My mother is healthy, mentally, and physically. Neither me or my sister, or my brother, have any serious health problems, and I am very thankful for this. Just being sick for a few days gets my spirit down, and also makes me realize just how bad being sick can be, and how damaging it is to one’s self-esteem and sense of happiness. If you don’t have any major illnesses, be thankful. You never know when sickness or disease may enter your life.

Even though I like to get out and talk with people, there are moments when I want to sit in my chair in my room and write, or spend my personal time doing other things, like listening to music and studying the current weather situation, or maybe even just staring at the wall doing nothing. Sure, it does sound silly, but how many of us have spent five or more minutes just looking at the wall with our eyes fixated, daydreaming? Well, okay, so maybe we aren’t quite ready to admit to that one yet. I know you have.
The world of music is vast and expansive. While most of us stick to one genre or musical style (myself included) we all have a different nook or cranny that we dwell in when it comes to music. Truth be told, it’s also interesting to take note most of us listen to the music that satisfies us or makes us happy.
Most of my friends are online pals, like Magnoli, Hivatlan, Pentekke, Itality, Marti, Moni, Maggi, DiKey, Motyika, there are a few other friends whom I get to meet in person. Even though they may not be the most beautiful people who walked the earth in terms of physical features, I know they would do anything for me, and would do anything to cheer me up when I am down. Here recently I was in a heated argument with my neighbor, and my friend's tried everything in her power to get me to smile that night, until finally I laughed.
Finally my mama. She she remains the biggest influence in my life. She is 83, and the best mom of the whole World! And she is here, and I can touch her every day.
My daughter, she is a talent, and intelligent young, almost independent lady, my best friend.
Well, friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed my write-up on what has meant the most to me in this life.. I’m sure you’ll find many reasons to appreciate what life is all about....

Azt hiszem, néha angolul is fogok irni, mert talán megy ez nekem.


  1. I'm glad you feel this way. Just keep going!! XOXO

  2. Thank you Maggi, yes I think that way. :))

  3. Drága Lily! Azt hiszem, mi mindannyian sokkal többért lehetünk hálásak a sorsnak, mint amire gondolunk, sokszor talán nem is becsüljük eléggé, amink van. Örülök, hogy jobban vagy! :) Boldog új évet, békét, egészséget kívánok szeretettel! :)

  4. Koszonom, hogy egy erdekes blog